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How to Package Artwork Makes all the Difference

One way to impress my online customers, besides accurate representation of my artwork, is to package the artwork with the most care.

Implementing this practices will be beneficial for the collector as well as for your business.

As follows I included a link showing you pictures with step-by-step guide on how to ship paintings safely. However, this is not a full guarantee, it will help diminish the chances of the artwork getting damaged in transit.

One thing is for sure, you will be proud of the extra effort. It pays off!

Click the link below to read each step.


I cover the painting with Acid free paper to avoid contact with other materials.

Inside layer of cardboard to protect the artwork on both sides. Then bag to waterproof it.

Another layer of protection is added to the corners and then bubble wrapped.

The Outside Foam boards work beautifully as I love to call them "insurance walls". Just a bit extra.

In the final step I use a corrugated Mirror cardboard box. They're designed to create a "custom fit". Panels feature fragile, handle with care and do not lay flat messages to protect your beautiful piece of artwork.

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