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Artist's Journey

It is crazy how many twists and turns I've experienced as an artist. My free spirit has taken me through many uncharted territories, pushing me to learn new skills, on a personal and artistic level.

My creative journey reflects all these twists and turns. I started exploring painting early in my career, but couldn't resist exploring other forms of inspiration, like doodling, line drawing, surface patterns, and journal design. Even though these are very different approaches, they are all linked by imagination and inspiration.

Creativity lives everywhere and inside each of us. We are all creative beings. We create our lives with every choice we make. Whether we create a meal, a product, or an idea, it all comes from our desire to bring it to life. 

Nowadays, I have not been able to paint or design much, but I am still creating daily through the unexpected and newborn desire to write.

I know in my heart, these different forms of creative processes will collide beautifully in perfect harmony. I have seen it in my mind's eye.


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