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commissioned paintings

I sell paintings locally and Internationally. My artwork is held in private collections around the world. Some of my pieces have traveled as far as Australia and found new homes in Europe, Asia, and South America.


I do take on commissioned paintings. The process is simple. Once we establish the basic idea, will communicate through email, so I can remember what we discussed. I'll first send you a sketch, second the underpainting, and then a final picture of the painting for your approval. I'd work with you to bring your dream painting to life. My priority is to provide you with an excellent product, and outstanding service.

My heart goes into every creation. On the other hand, if you rather get one of the available paintings, please click here It will take you to the main gallery page.

I have 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, but reading customer reviews gives us all some peace of mind. 


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Please contact me for any questions or more details.

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