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Journaling Kept Me Sane

To deal with the craziness of the past year, and the continuous challenges and changes of this new one, journaling helped me cope with the stress of uncertainty. It seemed ridiculous that putting words on paper could help me deal with emotional distress, but I can tell you, it worked and continues to this day. It's like therapy, but better!

At first, I would write about my day, but that got boring. Then I recorded the events happening everywhere, but that made me sad. Finally, I gathered enough courage to face my disappointments. My life had changed so drastically - just like everyone else's - I had no desire to paint. However, in very little time, I noticed I was willing to explore deeper. I poured my darkest thoughts onto paper without being afraid of judgement.

It felt good! I felt lighter! And so, my journaling days begun.

By analyzing my thoughts, feelings, and emotions I discovered old negative patterns, incessant thinking, and unhealthy habits. Writing helped me become aware of my true state of mind and daily actions. This led me to a new path of personal growth, creating room for positive change and allowing healing to happen. Journaling is now part of my nightly routine, forcing me to look within and help me sleep.

Even though I am still not painting, my creative flow is back, which is an essential part of life. The latest artistic designs are very different from my usual paint on canvas, but I am having fun. Life opened a new door. It took me b