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It Is That Time Of My Life.

It is mid September and a chill morning in Longmont, Colorado. I am enjoying the change of season, sipping coffee, focused on painting thistles and flower fields. I feel grateful for the creative flow. Purples and greens glide through the surface of the gesso board. I am a joyful soul.

Just as I am having these wonderful thoughts, uneasiness crawls up my spine into the back of my neck. I know what's on the horizon. The pit of my stomach closes, my heart dwindles, my skin feels warms, my cheeks turn red.

I am on fire!

I run to the fridge, grab a small ice pack, placing the frozen thing behind my neck without hesitation. I laugh nervously as I continue to rub the cold object all over my face, behind my ears, along my arms and back to my neck. I stand under the fan, is blowing warm air. I walk outside, it is 50 degrees. the balcony floor feels good under my bare feet and a soft breeze helps me relax and cool off.

Yes, it is that time of my life. Menopause!!

The hot flashes usually last a few minutes, but they seems eternal. Sometimes they are mild and I am able to ignore them [kinda]. Lately, however, I wish I could rip my skin off and stick it in a cooler. These moments I wish I had a commercial freezer handy [the ones to keep the ice from melting] so I can jump inside until it passes. The funny part is once it is gone I am shivering like a leaf, ready to put my sweater back on. It is no laughing matter, but I cannot help it!

Laugher helps me cope with things I have not control over.

Although, I consider myself to be a cheerful, happy, positive individual with a tendency to see the good in every situation, managing so many emotions and body temperature changes could be overwhelming. Waking up a bit cranky for not having a good night sleep happens more times than I'd like to. My husband can attest to that. Poor thing! He has been putting up with my mood swings and still finds the energy to make me laugh.

I love him!

Everyone has suggestions on how to treat Menopause symptoms, but I believe each body and experience is unique to this condition. My grandma and mom, didn't even noticed. So, did some research online and found a few natural products that people swore by them.

I bought them all!!

In fact, I have been taking Maca powder every morning - Magnesium and Evening Primrose before going to bed. I cut on coffee, beer, and spicy food (big deal for me!) I do yoga, meditate, and drink lots of water. I even bought oversize jeans to avoid wearing tight clothes.

Honestly, it has improved, but not fast enough.

As I go through this metamorphosis, painting and being in my studio gives me comfort. The flowery scenes keeps my mind in the present moment, avoiding to worry about the next episode. They replenishing my joyful state and remind me about all my blessings.

So, if going through something similar [which I hope you not] or experiencing a challenging event, it is my wish for these paintings to delight you eyes, hearts, and souls.


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